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Workplace injuries not only cause physical pain and distress, they can also substantially hurt your wallet, as the injuries can prevent you from being able to work for a long period of time- or even alter your ability to work in certain fields permanently. It can be extremely stressful and challenging to be injured and unable to work, especially, when you’re forced to pay for medical treatment along with all of the other financial obligations that life throws at you. Fortunately, there are certain legal protections afforded to workers who get injured on the job, so that they  are able to receive compensation for their injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits is Florida’s no-fault insurance program that is specifically engineered for providing financial support when workers are injured on the job. If you have filed, or are thinking about filing, a claim for workers’ comp, you may be wondering what the timeline for such a settlement is. 

What Can Influence The Timeline

Workers compensation claims vary from case to case, with several key factors that dictate the length of time it takes for a settlement to arrive. These factors include:

  • How quickly the insurance company responds- Insurance companies are typically fairly efficient at processing cases, but delays do happen. This is where an experienced workers’ comp attorney can be of assistance.
  • How severe and complex the injury is: The more serious the injury, the longer the treatment timeline typically takes, which can lengthen the settlement process. Having an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your side will help expedite this process as they will work with medical professionals to get an accurate assessment of your injuries.
  • Negotiation process: In cases that are fairly straightforward, the process is pretty quick, but more complicated situations may call for extra negotiation and thus more time.

What To Expect

Again, each case is taken on an individual basis, so timelines can vary- but typically most workers’ comp settlements are reached within a year of the injury. Many are resolved within a few months. It’s key to maintain realistic expectations and know that having a thorough process will get you a fair settlement. 

After the settlement is agreed upon, there are a few more steps before the compensation arrives. The agreement must be approved by the insurance company, and then the insurer needs to process the payment. This final stage normally takes a couple weeks.

How To Expedite The Process And Maximize Your Settlement

There are certain steps you can take to optimize your settlement while reducing the likelihood of potential delays, such as:

  • Promptly reporting your injuries
  • Gathering and organizing documentation so that you have everything necessary on hand
  • Adhering to medical advice giving by your medical provider and showing up to all the necessary appointments
  • Communicating regularly with your lawyer in order to keep the case moving

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While the timeline for receiving a workers’ comp settlement depends on the individual situation, having the right legal support on your side will make the process more effective. If you or somebody you love was injured while working, call Asnis Srebnick & Kaufman to consult with an experienced Florida workers’ comp attorney today.