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The holidays are supposed to be a time for joy and celebration, which can all be derailed by an injury. A severe injury and the medical attention, additional expenses, and lifestyle changes it entails can be devastating and completely change your enjoyment of the holiday season. To help you avoid a personal injury that could put your holiday festivities to a screeching halt, and to help you understand how negligence can take away from time you should be spending with loved ones, here’s a breakdown of some common personal injuries that occur during the holidays.

Types Of Florida Personal Injuries That Occur During The Holidays

The holiday season is peak travel (and peak injury) season in Florida, where tourists from all over the country travel to Florida to enjoy its temperate climate, beautiful coastline, and plentiful sunshine. More travel, more holiday stress, and more people mean a higher likelihood of injury. Below we detail some common personal injuries that people may incur during the holiday season:

  • Auto accidents: Due to the fact that such a large number of people head to Florida during the holiday season, either to their vacation homes to wait out the cold weather or just to take a brief break on their time off, car accidents remain one of the most common types of personal injuries that we see at Asnis Srebnick & Kaufman. Plus, there are also more people on the road attending one of the numerous seasonal festivals around the state or heading to wrap up their holiday shopping, increasing the rate of potential accidents.
  • Injuries related to trees: As funny as it may sound, the holiday season often causes an inordinate amount of tree-related injuries. From the transport of live trees indoors to climbing on trees to install decorations, there are any number of occasions for falling and sustaining injury.
  • Slip, trip, and fall: Florida is a wonderland of holiday shopping options, which means that more people patronize different types of businesses. Thus, slip, trip, and fall accidents tend to cluster around the holidays, just like how crowds congregate. Sometimes, crowded stores may result in people pushing or tripping each other. Other types, business owners may be negligent in fixing a known hazard or failing to properly warn patrons about the hazard.
  • Accidents with ladders: Decorations play a seminal part of holiday festivities, and hanging decorations often involve ladders. Ladder accidents include both those who fall while using ladders to decorate, or unsuspecting individuals being injured due to a ladder falling on them.
  • Burn injuries: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… and providing plenty of potential fire hazards. Fireplace-related injuries, oven burns, and grilling accidents are all more likely to happen during the holidays. 

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The situations detailed above are only a few potential personal injuries that could happen during the busy holiday season. If you were injured during the holidays due to another party’s negligence, you should consult with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney immediately. Call Asnis Srebnick & Kaufman for a free initial consultation today.

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